Evangelia started this wonderful adventure about 3 years ago when she found a broken clssical guitar repaired it and rememberd a reaccuring dream that had been haunting her since her childhood. The dream involved her standing on a stage in front of an appreciative audience, with her guitar slung on a brightly coloured strap.

She taught herself to play, at first she found herself learning and playing covers of the many brilliant artist's she had been listening to for years on YouTube.  She then made her own profile and uploaded her own Videos.

But it was when she was lucky enough to win a retro jumbo accustic guitar and find a manager in the process, that things began to progress. 

Her manager's encouragement and own song

writing talents motivated her to begin writing and creating a setlist which combined her original material with covers. She found she could perform for more than 2 hours.

The next step was gigging and to date she has performed in 3 countries and tried a bit of busking too, which she absolutely loves.

Last year she recorded a 7 Track C.D of originals and covers and also spent some time in a London studio.. Dreams are coming true.

August 2019 has seen the release of her first full Album of original songs.



              is available for download on the music page.